Agron Fazliu

Data Science Leader.

Data Product Visionary.

Information Security Officer.

DevOps Consultant.

About Me
Hello! I'm Agron.
Deputy-CISO, Data Science Leader, Seasoned DevOps Manager, GDPR-certified.
St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Why do you wake up and go to work? To me, it is not only about passion, purpose, or money - but, rather, it is about people, enablement, and joint achievements. I believe in a commitment to serve an organisation, not job description. I believe in people around that build-up on mutual ideas, rather than being the smartest in the room. When I wake up and go to work, I strive for a day of work that makes good things easy and bad things hard.

As deputy-CISO, I ensure that the organisation's information security is kept to best practices and within regulations. As Data Science Lead, however, I work with the data in more creative way – by utilizing Data Science and Machine Learning to reveal great answers to complex problems (especially with data privacy in mind), or to enable the most modern features in our products.

In my spare time, aside from being a father, husband and son – I love reading about science. I derive immense pleasure from teaching, and learning from my daughter. The future that is in front of her is data-powered, connected, complex and much different from ours. The values we instill in our offsprings will (I hope) help them navigate the complex world of the future.

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20 years work experience
International experience
Diverse industries
Customer focused
Servant leader
Team enabler
Learning agility
People mentor
Latest three work achievements
Various leadership roles

2013 - Present
Haufe-umantis AG.
St. Gallen, Switzerland.

"This product turned science from abstract theory into useful metrics!"
Organigrams are démodé. Looking at an organigram, you see hierarchy and power layers because we are programmed to see them. What you might not see is the fact that an organigram is just an instance of a network (graph theory). Considering it as such, and understanding our domain of talent management, I was tasked to lead the product ideation and software cloud implementation. I developed 10 metrics that come from Graph Theory algorithms and applied them into the HR domain. They range from Internal Succession Planning (from Facebook’s social dispersion algorithm) to identifying Leadership Peer Communication (from communicability algorithm). This product turned science from abstract theory into useful metrics.

"They are happy!"
We provide Talent and Organization Management SaaS to many hundreds of businesses globally, many well-known names from various industries such as clothes, automotive, machinery, precision, financial, etc. Data about people is sensitive data, think of GDPR, especially employee data. Adhering to highest security standards and regulations must be a given. I am at the forefront of these endeavors and in close cooperation with our customers. They are happy.

"Perfect for HR Executives who need to have reliable answers quickly!"
Having a lot of data that is buried under a decade-old legacy system does not make much of useful insights. Finding a way to make sense of this data, stored in EAV model, was not about usual suspects of data cubes, queries, or exports. I pioneered an approach and managed the successful implementation through using Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, and Named-Entity Recognition, while also utilizing legacy business logic and system configurability. In the end, we have Google-like natural multilanguage search abilities that produce metrics, raw data, and customer-crowdsourced results. In comparison, it renders the usual SQL useless and it makes Business Analytics clumsy, while it provides utilizable metrics on a search of a sentence. Perfect for HR Executives who need to have reliable answers quickly.

University College London (UCL)
2003-2005 | London, UK.

M.Sc. in Data Communication Networks and Distributed Systems

Award: NOMINUM Prize 2004

Project: LINX Network Monitoring
American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)
2000-2003 | Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

B.A. in Computer Science

Professional Skills
  • Information Security
  • Data-driven Product Management
  • SaaS Operations
  • Systems Architecture
  • Scrum Methodology
Latest Certifications
EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation (GDPR F)
December, 2018 |St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp
February, 2017 |Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Most popular publication
Internet Penetration and Usage in Kosovo, 2nd Ed.
August, 2013. | STIKK.

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