Agron Fazliu

Strategy • AI • Data • Tech • Security.

Authentic & Transformational Leadership.

People Enablement & Coaching.

IT Strategy Leadership.

Adaptive Mindset Enabler.

Resilience in Adversity.

About Me
Hello! I'm Agron.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Co-Founder
Strategy • AI • Data • Tech • Security
Basel, Switzerland.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration, empowerment, and collective achievement. With 20+ years in the tech space, I've worked in engineering, security, and data before stepping into roles as a co-founder and CIO, consistently valuing strategic collaboration over individual brilliance. My leadership approach interweaves authenticity, adaptability, and innovation that guide my professional endeavors, whether that's crafting a visionary data strategy, fostering a thriving engineering team, or introducing pioneering, data-centric systems. My hands-on experience has honed my expertise in areas like data-driven innovation, AI, infrastructure, and information security. In my current role as CIO, my aim is clear: utilize technology as a tool to synchronize with business goals, shield invaluable data, and introduce cutting-edge solutions that accentuate efficiency, security, and growth. Outside the realm of bits and bytes, my roles as a father, husband, and son deeply influence my worldview. My love for science finds its way into my personal readings. Nothing compares to the joy of sharing knowledge with my daughter. In envisioning a future for her, I see a world interconnected and powered by data, brimming with opportunities for the next generation. Having had the privilege to work for a plethora of international companies, and to study at globally prestigious institutions, I carry a global perspective and a multi-faceted skillset. Moreover, my passion for continuous learning keeps me on-guard. When I'm not engaged at work, I indulge in my interests of travelling, cooking, and physics.

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25 years work experience
International experience
Diverse industries
Customer focused
Adaptive leader
Team enabler
Learning agility
People mentor
Competences & Focus
  • AI and data-driven innovation
  • People Mentoring & Coaching
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • IT Operations and Information Management
  • IT Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Information Security & Privacy

University of Cambridge
2020-2020 | Cambridge, UK.

Exec. Ed. Business Analytics: Decision-Making Using Data

University College London
2003-2005 | London, UK.

M.Sc. in Data Communication Networks and Distributed Systems

Team Award: NOMINUM Prize 2004

Project: LINX Network Monitoring
American University in Bulgaria
2000-2003 | Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

B.A. in Computer Science

Latest Certifications
EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation (GDPR F)
December, 2018 |St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp
February, 2017 |Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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